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"We often get called in when
regular medicine can't do
anything. That's when being
an organ mechanic is
a beautiful thing."

Dr. Jean-Pierre Barral speaking
about Visceral Manipulation
to Time Magazine

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Book An Appointment?

To book an appointment, call the clinic at 403-247-4646. Let them know that you are interested in booking an Visceral Manipulation Initial Consultation with Dr. Roberts. Our office staff will be able to tell you the next available appointment time and arrange an appointment time that is mutually convenient for you and the doctor.

What Can I Expect On My First Visit?

The first visit is a private consultation with the doctor.

This consists of a complete and thorough assessment of your current state of health, where information such as current and prior health concerns are discussed and reviewed as well as diet, stress, lifestyle, exercise, past illness, injuries, surgeries and environmental exposures.

During this time state-of-the-art alternative testing is conducted and a comprehensive visceral manipulation evaluation is done.

Further tests such as laboratory tests and/or specialized diagnostic tests may be necessary to complete the assessment. This information is all integrated to identify the cause of the current symptoms being presented. This begins the process of setting up a program that will best serve your particular health needs.

What Can I Expect On My First Visit to CCVM?

The patient is then educated as to what is causing the imbalance and what is required to bring them back to a state of health. The doctor will design a customized program using lifestyle, supplements and visceral manipulation treatments.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Each individual is different; therefore the number of visits will vary. Many people experience significant improvement within 3 to 6 sessions, while others may require additional treatments. A plan will be developed based on your needs and how your body responds to the treatment.

Typically, Visceral Manipulation therapy is done once a week for the first 6 weeks. This program is designed to understand how your body is responding to the treatment with the maximum benefit to the patient. The goal of Visceral Manipulation is to increase mobility of the viscera that can be maintained for the rest of your life with as few treatments as possible.

How Is A Naturopathic Doctor Trained?

Naturopathic doctors are registered and licensed health care professionals.

A Naturopathic doctor's training consists of a minimum three year science based pre-medical program, followed by a four year doctorate degree from an accredited Naturopathic Medical College.

Dr. Melina Roberts, ND

Naturopathic doctors are required to complete 2 years of clinical experience and then pass extensive board exams before being granted a license to practice. They are regulated by a provincial and national association and are required to complete continuing education hours yearly to ensure they remain current.

Naturopathic doctors are competent in evaluating standard medical blood work and diagnostic tests and although they do not use pharmaceuticals in their practice, they are trained in how pharmaceuticals function and what the side effects are.

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