Calgary Centre for Visceral Manipulation
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"We often get called in when
regular medicine can't do
anything. That's when being
an organ mechanic is
a beautiful thing."

Dr. Jean-Pierre Barral speaking
about Visceral Manipulation
to Time Magazine

Testing and Diagnostics

Our commitment to provide the highest level of care to our patients combines the most innovative technology and time-tested therapies which allows us to work towards optimal health and achieve successful results.

Electrodermal Screening (EDS)

Electrodermal Screening is used to screen all the systems, organs and functions of the body. It is also used to determine the presence of sensitivities to food, pollens, mold, environmental pollutants, chemicals, etc., without directly exposing the patient to the potential allergen.   READ MORE

Heart Rate Variability Analysis

Autonomic Nervous System Analysis or ANSA

The Heart Rate Variability analysis (HRV) test depicts a visual representation of heart rhythm called rhythmography. Rhythmography can graph the relationship between the two components of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). This is your own unique response, giving the doctors at CCVM vital information about your heart’s electrical activity and how your ANS is functioning to control that activity at rest and under stress.   READ MORE

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