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"We often get called in when
regular medicine can't do
anything. That's when being
an organ mechanic is
a beautiful thing."

Dr. Jean-Pierre Barral speaking
about Visceral Manipulation
to Time Magazine

The Organ - Pain Connection

Lungs - How organs can contribute to pain and dysfunction

When a person has a lung infection, such as pneumonia, the lungs become inflamed. As the infection clears and the lungs go through the healing process, the lungs will adhere to the tissues around them and thus put them into a rigid state.

Due to the pull of the adhesions, with every breath, the movement patterns of the nearby structures would be altered. This could shift rib motion creating pulls on the spine. These restrictions might appear symptomatically as mid-back and neck pain, as well as limited motion in the shoulder.

This scenario highlights just one of the hundreds of possible ramifications of a small dysfunctionmagnified by thousands of repetitions each day. This also explains how pain can often be far removed from the actual cause.

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